Wondering how they get away with it?

The Mystery of Samuel I. White, PC has finally been solved!

Along with the question of how many "professionals" it takes to steal one house through forging!

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Yes, this is what "Super Lawyers" do! Work in a large team to steal just one
property at a time from the small-fry with the use of forgeries!

The LORD will judge them justly at the final bar, without cronyism.
If they don't make a drastic change in their lives, they are certain to roast.

May 2014. Brought to you by the Justice Rangers!

Warning: You may be too stupid or gullible to understand what you see here.
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Want to know how banksters spend taxpayer bailout bucks? Partying, cross-dressing, and mocking you!
(Not to mention paying expensive lawyers to help them steal more from you.)
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Wondering how Fannie Mae continues to get away with
using forgeries to steal family homes?
It's actually rather simple...

Through decades of effort, Fannie Mae has used a network
of filthy lawyers and lobbyists to corrupt the vast majority
of the legal system. There are
thousands of compromised individuals.

Don't believe the hype. Fannie Mae is not here to "help" anyone other than banksters.
It is a front for the big banks where they can make big bucks by breaking the law.
The system has been so compromised that you can't expect any court in
this country to protect you. There are no contract protections in this
country when the small-fry face the big banksters.

If you find a lawyer who is "willing to help",
chances are that they know it is their role to simply finish looting you.
The legal system in this country has been totally compromised by lawyers who have no morals
and then move on to become judges. They are surrounded by a slew of people
who will do anything to "keep their jobs" and pay their bankster bills.

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You should also talk to your representatives and law enforcement about Samuel I. White, PC
Ask them why blatant violation of Virginia's impartiality requirements and Forging and Uttering Laws have been permitted for so long.
Or is it rather simple, that Fannie Mae has corrupted the legal system entirely and her private
law firms can steal and forge whenever they want without consequences?
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