You're almost ready to read between the lines...

There is one last element that you need to understand. As you now realize
that you were suckered into believing that mammy government would protect
you from being looted by bankster conspiracies....and you see how widespread
the schmoozing is in the legal industry...

You need to understand that the larger the conspiracy, the harder a time
the gullible will have in seeing it or believing.

Those who engage in conspiratorial crimes know this.

But the oft-overlooked factor is that a giant crooked empire needs a ton
of support staff. Just like a compromised government agency, not everyone
in there is crooked. It only takes a few crooks at the top to dominate the
rest. You don't do what your boss says, and you're fired!

There are a number of people who know that crookedness is going on, but they
need to pay their bankster bills! And there is a large number that are so
busy doing their jobs and doing everything else in their life that they have
no clue.

But of course the lawyers know. They can't go to court more than two or three times
without seeing the obvious. Let alone dozens of times.

And of course you can't think the politicians don't know.
All of these types together create a giant crooked enterprise that defies belief.
But I trust that now you are starting to understand and are ready to see
how a great number of "coincidences" easily prove the aforementioned.

Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention. Fannie Mae is a front for the big
banks. When they want to do crooked stuff with mortgages - things that
they count on the simple-minded not being capable of understanding, it is hidden through
Fannie Mae. Fannie Mae, run by a horde of lawyers and stuffed with
stolen loot to distribute via lobbyists, is treated like a special part of the government,
although it is really a Private Corporation. It is so "important"
(to banksters) that when it went bankrupt from being emptied out
by its owners (the banksters), it was puffed up with government money (your money)
and put under Conservatorship. And yet it is still immune to
Freedom of Information Act requests. Because crime just has to be covered up.

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