Eric White

Note the beady eyes.

Address: 1534 Park Avenue, Richmond, Virgnia 23220
Phone: 804-355-1108

Eric White enjoys the top rung of the Justice Rangers! housing ladder.
He lives in this nice mansion on Park Avenue. Who knows how many peon
homes (bones?) were ground up to make the Bread of Mr. White.

Eric White is the son of the late Samuel I. White. Samuel White went to
Washington and Lee University, as did Eric and one of his favorite local
Federal judges. He practiced with the law firm of SteinGOLD and SteinGOLD.

Samuel I. White was an active member of the Jewish community and a
founding member of Temple Israel.

He was a member of the Norfolk Masonic Lodge, serving as Master of Lodge No. 1.
He also generously supported the Jewish Community Center, the Tidewater Jewish Foundation
the Jewish Federation of Tidewater, and the Hillel House at Washington
and Lee. He was a member of the Arnold Gamsey Lodge of B'nai Brith!

For some time, Eric has enjoyed the many special privileges that his father
passed down to him, learning that nothing is Juicier than Jewish Freemasonry,
but gorging himself on crookedness has made him queasy, and only Justice
will satisfy him now!

The above information as provided, in part, by The Virginian Pilot - Feb 11, 2011. In case you find it hard to believe how many special clubs a guy can be in.