The Negro

The Negro getting whooped up on, yet again.
Notice how he's been stripped of everything except his loin cloth, which
he still retains - for now.

Address: Somewhere in West Virginia
Phone: Can't Afford A Line Yet
E-mail: sammy AT samueliwhitepc DOT com

The other members of the Justice Rangers!, accustomed used to being in clubs and fraternities (conspiring?),
apparently felt it necessary to haze The Negro with forgeries and cheating, steal his house, and force him
to live in an old camper with his wife and children. He squealed loudly to every available court, but was coldly
ignored, threatened, and cheated for YEARS. Seriously!!

The Negro, despite being the victim of a large-scale bankster forging operation
and having his family home straight stolen through embarassingly obvious
judicial funnybusiness, has been threatened with contempt in 3 different
courts! The low court, the Circuit Court, and the Federal District Court!
And all this without calling any names or cussin' in the courtroom. In this
way, he is truly amazing! It must be that his loin cloth is offensive
in the land of fancy suits.

The Negro, otherwise known as Dummy, is currently exiled to West Virginia
where he sticks out like a sore thumb. He would provide his address for alms,
but he can't afford one! He had an address in Virginia, but that was stolen
by his fellow team members in the middle of a Federal Court case
where his repeated cries for mercy were flatly ignored. He now lives in
a camper, the lowest on the housing rung of the Justice Rangers! leadership

But you can't be surprised, for the Negro allllways gets the short end of
the stick!

As if whooping up on him in the courthouse was not enough, even his family
goat was rubbed out through outrageous legal trickery! In a courthouse
that supposedly cared about animals, no less. But maybe some animals are
more equal than others. The poor critter died of exposure while Dummy was
in Virginia waiting for an injunction that would never come. Even a NO
would have been better than ignoring his cries, for perhaps he wouldn't have
wasted time waiting around for nothing while his goat froze to death.

Some people believe that he was only added to the leadership team
in order to meet workplace diversity requirements, or to serve as a sacrificial
lamb for the hordes of angry special people who find their crimes exposed
by the Justie Rangers!. He respectfully asks that future beatings be equally
distributed amongst the leadership and team members.