LivingLies is one of the more popular "anti-fraudclosure" websites. It has been
around for years, explaining with decent accuracy the various illegal operations
of the banksters.

But there is a problem.

This site propagates the bogus notion that judges just need to be "educated"
or that there are legal technicalities that interfere with a peon getting
justice. This is completely bogus. It is my belief that the site is
run by those who just want to profit off of fraudclosure victims by selling
false hope. Just look at this article: Fraudclosure settlements?

Does this guy have any proof of the aformentioned, or is this just a bunch of bull?

Just look at this guy's profile. He's a lawyer, and has been one
for some time. Is he the ONLY lawyer in the profession who hasn't figured out
how crooked the legal system is? It is my opinion that it is IMPOSSIBLE
for lawyers to practice more than a few months (if even that) without
figuring out how incredibly crooked the system is. And look, he's offering some
fine consulting for $650, a yearly membership subscription for just $495, and
a workbook combo for $500.

It's not just the banksters who profit off of foreclosure fraud..there's
a foreclosure "defense" industry forming which will loot the last few dimes
out of your pocket by selling you false hope.

And it is your author's opinion that there is nothing worse than destroying
the psyche of someone who has already been robbed by selling them false
hope and suggesting that if they just "try harder" for a few more years
or decades, they'll be able to overcome outrageous conspiratorial crime industries.

Instead of getting looted by lawyers on BOTH sides of the coin, maybe
we should start asking these guys (and the courts) for some statistics on
how often the banksters lose. Because one would expect that after the big
robosigning settlement and fraudclosure exposure, that the banksters should
at least lose a few dozen cases in the whole country, ya know? Or maybe
the helpful "anti-bankster" lawyers (who are in the same bar association as
the bankster lawyers and maintain "good standing" with the honest
courts in their region are just tricking us. Maybe these notions about how
to win cases are know, not true!

Maybe that's what he means by "LivingLies".