How do they get away with it? Because You're a Dummy!

The first critical requirement is You. You need to be gullible enough

You need to be gullible enough to believe that the courts give a fair hearing to
a peon who is being robbed by banksters who use forgeries. to believe that all crimes are prosecuted equally.

You need to be gullible enough to believe that there are "checks and balances"
in the system that will protect you - and that law enforcement cares
more about their oaths than their jobs.

You need to be a simpleton, who thinks your hired lawyer will be a better
friend to you than to their fellow lawyer in the Bar Association club (your adversary).

And finally, you need to be stupid enough to believe that legal jargon
and technicalities (not to mention courtroom dramas) are what stops
special people from being prosecuted for forging and what
stops your Deed of Trust from being upheld.

In short, you need to be an utter simpleton, who parrots their television,
repeating, "I don't believe in conspiracies." Because only a moron would
believe that others won't work together to defraud you, or that
there's always someone else (not you!) who will just make everything
turn out OK.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to have neighbors who have been trained to be too
apathetic or too selfish to care.

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