The Justice Rangers!

The Justice Rangers! is a group of individuals who know, first hand,
how conspiratorial groups of *special people* can corrupt the legal system,
and they have boldly JOINED FORCES to bring the World Justice through exposure of the filthies crimes!

The Justice Rangers! Leadership consists of Three Champions of Justice.

Two are lawyers, which by definition, means that they have a downright lust for justice!
I know it may sound strange, but it's true! No, really!! Repeat after me, "Lawyers love justice!"
(And they only like money..a little. Well, maybe a teeny bit more than a little.)

And the third is a simple peon.

All members have savored many fine tastes of sweet justice and all (except for the Negro, of course, who is dragged along like the useless baggage he is) insist upon jabbing the flask of sweet, honest judicial liquor betwixt the teeth of the public!

Our Precious Leader:

Eric White
aka "The Kingpin"

Last Place:

The Negro
aka "Unworthy of Notice", "The Peasant", "The Peon", "Dummy", "That Negro"

Auxiliary members include:

Amy Miller aka "The Blonde", "The Master of Disguise"

John Barr aka "Count Chocula"

Anand Ramana aka "Armand, Arnold, The Pup"

Brian Liggan aka "Mr. Shy"

Mohsin Reza aka "The Rookie", "MoMo"

Andrew Pittman aka "The Silent Partner"

Bryan Fratkin aka "Baldy"

It is the MISSION of the Justice Rangers! to seek out information about large-scale organized crime and bring it to you! So you can gawk at it! Crimes so big and outrageously brazen that your pea brain won't be able to even believe it! When we're done with you, you'll run! to your favorite recliner in front of the old boob-tube, murmuring to yourself, "I don't believe in conspiracy theories, I don't believe.."

If you've got a hankering for justice AND money to burn, maybe you'll want a lawyer to "do something!!" about it all (like take your money and laugh behind your back). Or maybe you'll want to be like Dummy and pester the legal system about it until they all but threaten you into shutting your mouth! That way is a little cheaper...

But if you've got good sense, you'll just want to gawk at these large-scale filthy crimes and tell your friends to gawk as well. Maybe you will want to call up everyone involved and tell them what you think of it. That will at least provide some relief to your feelings.