Ever wonder why the most special of lawyers are in so many organizations?
Even not-so-special lawyers seem to seek out groups to be a part of.
Many start in college by joining fraternities. The funniest part is when
they try to say that their organizations are charitable!

Ha ha ha!!!

Is it just because they want to keep up to date with the happenings so they can
be finer professionals?

Or is it more simple than that - whitewashed conspiracy?

It's almost hilarious to see how they "donate" to the groups that they
conspire in and how they do "community service" which results in them
schmoozing with co-conspirators and future co-conspirators.

Anyone that's seen Mr. White around public officials can see how he
almost automatically begins to schmooze. Even the courtroom bailiff
is not beneath his notice. And some bailiffs (and others) even realize that they
won't be working that job forever, and maybe Eric can help them get
a new one?

As McGuireWoods says, "Relationships that drive results"!

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